Our Services

Prime Civil Consultant

Our responsibility as Prime Consultant is to act as a liaison between our clients and Approving Authorities, other Sub-consultants, and Contractors. We provide viable, cost-effective solutions to ensure that each Client’s unique vision is respected and maintained from project planning through to completion.

Civil Engineering

The foundation of our company remains design and engineering of the infrastructure works and servicing for new subdivisions or commercial / industrial developments to the standard of bylaws and regulations of the various approving agencies. These works include collection pipes and lift stations for sanitary sewers, septic disposal systems, reservoirs, distribution piping and pumping facilities for water systems, routing channels, pipes and detention facilities, and management plans for storm water runoff.

Rezoning & Planning

Many projects require as assessment of the “highest and best” use of the land. D.E. Pilling provides coordination of all necessary disciplines to assemble and provide a comprehensive plan of land use layout and servicing briefs for presentation to Municipal Councils, and through all stages of the Rezoning and Development Permit process.

Project Management

From Conception to Completion, our Project Management services include:

  • Contract Administration
  • Cost Estimating & Budgeting
  • Coordination of legal survey
  • Agency Approvals & Registration
  • Application Processes
  • Acting Agent & liaison with Lawyers, Contractors, Consultants and Approving Authorities
  • Bank Monitoring

Other Services:

  • Environmental Impact Studies
  • Neighbourhood Pre-plans
  • Site Grading
  • Storm Management Plans
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Functional Servicing Reports

Our Technology

Our design technologists work with AutoCAD Land Development Package, Otthymo, and WaterCAD. Our implementation of the latest technology, the new AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014, along with the knowledge of our experienced technologists has allowed us to improve upon our already high standard of work.